Durango Crush Jealous 13" Women's Cowboy Boots

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Durango Crush Jealous 13" Women's Cowboy Boots

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Any woman would be jealous to not own these boots, and any woman who owns them can wear them proud.

Part of the "Crush" collection from Durango, these boots are ultra stylish for women, built to be comfy too.

Sleek, sharply tapered toe, lovely detailing on the boot shaft.

Product Info:

Colors: Black, Navy, Rust, Brown

Dimensions:  13" boot shaft (no other dimensions info has been found available)

Details:  The "Crush Jealous" is a boot from the Crush collection that would truly make women jealous who didn't own a pair!  =)  J toe, full grain leather upper.  Cushioned and flexible insole for comfort, durable rubber outsole. 

Sizing:  No sizing accuracy information available for this boot.

Reviews:  No reviews information currently available for this boot.


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