Frye Women's Cowboy Boots

Compare prices from top merchants on Frye Women's Cowboy Boots 2011 - top styles for the year including boots from the "R" series, women's Frye Carson collection, Frye Taylor and more...

About Frye Women's Cowboy Boots - Top Styles for 2011:

While each year there are new styles that come into the lineup of Frye cowboy boots for women - late in 2010 and into 2011 there are more western styles specifically to choose from than any other year I have seen in the past.

This is not really a huge surprise, given the fact that western styles are no longer in fashion strictly in western areas!  City gals and country gals alike are lovin' what is available to them from Frye, and there is nothing like a gorgeous western boot to set off just about any look and make it shine.

There are a few boots that have been more recently released for this season - here are some notes on some specific boots to keep an eye out for:

Frye Taylor Harness - My oh my what a gorgeous boot!  This is a boot like no other I have seen from Frye with just the right amount of "sleek" and just the right amount of "western" -- together these looks create the ultimate in chic for a western boot for women.  Click here for more info and reviews on this boot.

Frye Billy Short - While bearing a striking western appeal, the Billy Short also has a fun laid back appearance, with leather that has a "worn" appearance and while the toe is sharp, it is not too sharp, again creating a bit of a softer appearance.  Click here for more info and reviews for this boot.

Frye Rider Spur - Here is a truly chic boot.  For those ladies who love a riding boot style (for practical purposes or otherwise) - this is definitely one to check out and consider buying.  Long, sleek with the added detail of a slight harness around the ankle area.  (Sigh.)  Click here for more info and reviews on this boot.

Other Top Selling Frye women's cowboy boot styles for 2011:

Other styles are holding their own - and likely will for some time.  These include the Frye Harness 12R (of course), the Harness 15R (which became popular a couple of years back) and of course the lineup of Carson boots.  While these boots are not among the "new for this year" lineup, they are nevertheless gorgeous, and are all good choices in Frye western boots for women.

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